Jackson Orchards Employment

Seasonal work may be available

We require seasonal workers over our fruit season; Thinning generally starts in October but only lasts a few weeks. Picking is usually from late November/December onward until the harvest is completed.

Jobs are on a casual basis and you will be required to work as and when required by the Employer. In applying for this job, you agree to work weekends and long hours when required. Days off will be at your Managers discretion. There is no need to apply if you are going to be unavailable to work 7 days a week, as this is a 7 day a week business.   

We will contact you if we require an interview.

If you haven’t heard from us by early December then we have filled the positions we need, but we will keep your application on file in case we require more staff in the future. 

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Seasonal Workers
Required Yearly
Friendly Team Environment
Positive Work Attitude


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