How can I order fruit?

Placing your order online is the fastest, most accurate way for us to process your order. Just place your order online and we can save your address for easy check-out next time. You can also check and/or track and trace your order by logging into your online account.  Got any questions? Contact us via the contact page.

NZ Wide Shipping Prices

1Kg - $7.00 
2Kg - $7.50
5Kg - $9.50
10Kg - $12.00


1Kg - $10.00
2Kg - $10.50
5Kg - $13.50
10Kg - $22.00

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you send my fruit?
How long does my fruit take to arrive?
Can I order a specific variety?
My fruit arrived damaged - what do I do?
Can I send fruit as a gift?